Aug. 1st, 2011

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Title: Creatures of extraordinary grace
Fandom: Supernatural
Ship: Jo/Lucifer
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: sex, not betaed
Word Count: 2726

Summary: Porny fun with angels and their protégées... How Lucifer helps Jo adjust to her new role, as he saves her life in Abandon All Hope...

Prompt: Porn Battle XII (The Dirty Dozen) jo/lucifer; collar, grace


Take my offer and you won’t have to be this lonely ever again )
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Title: Angels to Some
Fandom: Hellraiser
Ship: Kirsty/Pinhead
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: not betaed, violence, general unpleasantness, torture, demonic sex, bondage, submission, blood play… lalalalalala… what is there not to warn about?! This is one sick pairing!
Word Count: 4433

Summary: Porny fun with cenobytes... What Xipe Totec does with Kirsty Cotton, now that he finally has her.

Prompt: Porn Battle XII (The Dirty Dozen) pinhead/kirsty; pain, regret, labyrinth, catharsis

ANGELS TO SOME (Porn Battle Entry)

He has made her suffering legendary within the long narrow halls of the Labyrinth, just as he promised )