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Birthdate:Jun 25

[personal profile] vaarna a girl of 24. slightly crazy. a twisted romantic. owner of a kinky mind. likes to drabble in art & fiction. looking at her OTPs clearly has issues.

vaarna (fin); A piece of wood, usually long and slender, pointed at one end so as to be easily driven into the ground as a support or stay... - also the pointy wooden thing used to slay vampires.

OTPs; kirsty/pinhead {hellraiser}, kara/leoben {battlestar galactica}, echo/alpha {dollhouse}, ginger/jason {ginger snaps}, rogue/gambit {x-men}, river/jayne {firefly}, sookie/eric {true blood}, sara/ian {witchblade}, sylar/elle {heroes}, sarah/kyle {terminator}, robin/amon {witch hunter robin}...

fiction; I’ve been writing stories ever since I was a kid. Fan fiction came into picture at 2003. I mainly write about relationships that are damaged, dark and struggling, because that is the kind of interaction that intrigues me personally.

art; I still love to drabble at art, be it icons, banners, headers, fic covers, mood themes or colorbars. I generally make art for small fandoms, because the big ones already have much exposure. Or if a fandom is visually too damn appealing {read: tron or any other big 'n' pretty blockbuster}.

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adam baldwin, alichino, amanda tapping, andromeda, angel, angel sanctuary, angel: after the fall, angels, anna paquin, apocalyptica, art, autumn, battle angel alita, battlestar galactica, bleach, blu-ray, boots, buffy season eight, buffy the vampire slayer, caprica, catgirls, cats, character development, choke, chuck palahniuk, clancy brown, claymore, coheed and cambria, comics, corsets, cyberpunk, dead like me, deathgate cycle, deftones, demons, diary, disturbed, dollhouse, dracula, dvds, echo/alpha, elektra, eliza dushku, ender's game, energy drinks, fable 2, faith/wesley, fan fiction, fanboys, fantasy, femmeslash, fight club, final fantasy, firefly, foreign cultures, garbage, ginger snaps, graphic novels, graphics, great teacher onizuka, hellraiser, hellsing, heroes, house md, immortel ad vitam, japanese culture, japanese painting, joaquin phoenix, john connor, joss whedon, kaiga, kalevala, kara/leoben, kate winslet, katee sackhoff, katharine isabelle, kendo, kristen bell, lacuna coil, legend of the seeker, lost, lucy lawless, lullaby, marvel comics, michael biehn, michelle rodriguez, michelle trachtenberg, miniature painting, muse, nightwish, nikita, nikopol trilogy, nine inch nails, nintendo wii, okami, painting, photography, photoshop 7, pitch black, playstation 3, playstation portable, reading, reaper, river/jayne, rukia/renji, saliva, salvador dali, sanctuary, sci-fi, science fiction, seether, serenity, seven, shirley manson, slam dunk!, space adventure cobra, star ocean, star wreck, stargate, steampunk, strata, summer glau, supernatural, sylar/elle, terminator, terminator: sarah connor chronicles, the cell, the crow, the fountain, the killers, the sarah connor chronicles, the uncanny x-men, trinity blood, true blood, twin peaks, underworld, v for vendetta, vampire princess miyu, vast, vidding, vin diesel, watchmen, witch hunter robin, witchblade, within temptation, writing, xbox 360, xena, yoshitaka amano, æon flux
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