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LJ is still down, so I've focused my energy on loitering in Youtube, trying to find clips of Bela to see how she really was. Trying to write her by memory doesn't work for me and everyone hates her so there were no clips either. BUT I did come across some nifty SPN/Harper's Island fanvideos for Trish/Dean. I kinda warmed up to several of these AUs, because Katie Cassidy and Jensen Ackles make one gorgeous pairing ;)

AKA how I become a Trish/Dean shipper. ;) (I probably like this pairing because they depict it as a very dark and depressing relationship full of tragedy) ♥

Song: Sarah Fimm- Afraid

recc: I kinda liked the bleak song and the unhappy ending in this one. The plot revolves around Trish and Dean meeting in season 3 and their hesitation to start a relationship since she's getting married and he's going to hell. Well, we all know what happened to them?

Song: Yodelice - Noise

recc: This one is about the angels getting Dean's bride Trish killed and then manipulating Dean. And Dean's angsty about her death, trying to get to grips with it.

Song: Eminem feat Rhianna - Love the Way You Lie

recc: The pairing is regular Dean/Ruby and the song is way overused, but for these two it works.

Song: Deftones - Change

recc: My favourite vid. This one depicts a darker, more stalkerish relationship between Trish/Dean and I loved every second of it. Basically it's about how Dean changes after's the finale of season 5.

Song: Florence + The Machine - Blinding

recc: Just hauntingly beautiful. I have no idea what's going on, but the editing is quite nifty in this one.

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